Thursday, March 26, 2015

Black Gold

There are things in life that capture us. I don't know how my vice found me, and I don't know if I'm grateful for it. I just know what I need, and I know to what cost I must find it. Do you know that feeling, friend? The ache. The longing. 

It feels like eternity since I've laid eyes on my treasure. I miss how my brain shivers at the taste. It won't be long now...

Yet here as I can smell its breath the minutes turn to eternities. The cruelty! Have I not endured? Have I not wrangled beasts and withstood floods? My memory flashes. Metal cages, shrieking beings, the musty smell of crushed foliage, the watching specters. The calamity storms from ear to ear as I feel the beads of moisture appear on my hairline. It won't be long treasure is nearly claimed.

One final test. With a victory in sight my adrenaline surges one last time. The rush permits my arms to multiply! They cannot stop me! I pay my dues, and even as my body experiences a mild convulsion at the cost my emotions are quickly soothed because I know my prize awaits at the end of the road.

"What can I make you?"

"How much for an extra strong iced latte?"

"That would be..$3.25 with tax."
 "HOLY CRAP. I don't need it that bad. Let's load up the groceries kids we're getting chicken nuggets on the way home.........because Mommy is too tired to cook now."

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