Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strange Eats

There was a young child who swallowed a fly
Her mother wondered and guessed a reason why
Who knows what the kid thought up in her head,
"I will eat this poor fly, it is already dead."

Another young girl thought it would be fun,
to swallow a marble as bright as the sun
Her X-rays were quite clear, no marble could hide
A black and white photo that brought so much pride

More curious then those is this little boy
who thought it nice to eat a blue Lego toy
Mother knows best and didn't think twice
Why bother the doctor? We've been through this twice!

So poems have morals or lessons I've heard
Although this one is really quite absurd...
When toddlers won't eat their carrots and peas
Simply disguise them as toys or bugs now deceased!

After events such as these Mommies need breaks,
Our backs, feet, and brains really now ache!
Our kids, whom we love, are just plain insane
What's that on my sleeve? Yup it's a new stain!

*Dedicated to all mothers whose children swallow strange and inappropriate objects. Peace be with you, sisters.